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R & D: 
YC CO., LTD Since its inception in 1987, has invested heavily in the introduction of 3D CAD computer-aided design equipment used in product design and development and manufacturing of cleaning machinery series, successfully developed a fly music licensing Sweeper Series models , automatic washing machine, powerful vacuum sweeping machines, automatic charger series ... products. 
The Company accumulated more than 20 years of R & D results and professional manufacturing capacity, the basic parts mold manufacture, the assembly of the finished product, and can be completed in Taiwan. 
Parts homemade rate, YC Electrical and Electronics R & D department, research and development, design and manufacturing of microcomputer control dashboard (Controllor), brushless motor control board (Brushless motor driver), brushless motor (DC Brushless Motor), high-speed vacuum brushless motor (Vacuum DC Brushless Motor), all parts homemade rate of 100%. 
In advanced countries have the ability to produce clean machinery products, such as the United States, Japan, Germany, Italy, Switzerland and more than a dozen brands under the camouflage of the pack, "the Feile brand" series still more than 100 countries across the world so that we create another miracle, let the whole world know that Taiwan is also home-made "high-tech precision industrial" clean machinery products, let European and American brands ahead of us, to win glory for the Chinese. 
Fly Knorr automatic washing to battery brushless motor models, more than five hours of continuous use, automatic washing machine and cord say goodbye! 
Early use of drag-wire automatic washing machine, mostly because the battery life is not enough, Feile brand automatic washing machine, vacuum sweeper, leading the industry to take the lead in the use of advanced brushless motor (DC Brushless Motor), high-efficiency, energy-saving, low noise, environmental protection, maintenance-free, long life. 
The company is a manufacturer of localization, has a manufacturing plant in Taipei and Tainan. 
Supplies parts localization, relative enables users to more efficient cost of consumables and maintenance costs, without worrying about the future use is not zero components can be replaced. 
Solid technical service team, available to you absolutely professional service, to extend the life of the sweeper equipment. 
General importer for the two companies, sales staff right to charge technician, it is difficult to understand the sweeping machines, automatic washing machine mechanical principles to, and after-sales service parts not in stock, so a lot of imports Sweeper orphans caused by the market. 

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