Sales Performance   

The success of the company's products to sell to the world's advanced countries, such as: Europe, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, France and the United States, Japan, etc., and deep user certainly for countries. 
Currently using the company's products Ride-on Sweeper for street sweeping cleaning company or local, Kinmen and Taitung, Taichung, Taipei County, military bases, Chiang Kai-shek International Airport, Taiwan Mao, Formosa Petrochemical around the incinerator plant The ... throughout Taiwan across the country. Mainland China, such as Tiananmen Square, the National Palace Museum (Forbidden City), the the Xi'an Chang'an City and Taiwan in the overseas and across the continent, the factory. 

Performance of sales across the country: the textile industry, including Formosa Plastics Group, Taiwan, Tai Yuen Textile, good and ruentex, East and textile, textile China, Far Eastern Textile, Tainan Spinning East cloud Textile, the Mitsukoshi Textile, Man Hing Textile Hualong, Li Long fiber, the emperor dragon ... and so on. Other industries, such as oil, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Air Development Center, military units, the Taiwan Railway Administration, tertiary institutions, Panasonic, Changchun, chemical, forest soil, motor, Datong, Roman tiles, beautiful furniture, Cheng Loong Paper, the history of Taiwan Valley off and into China Synthetic Rubber, Sinon, black pine, Uni-President Enterprises and other major public and private utilities companies and a large number of administrative organs. 

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