2016/08/18 The 15th China International Equipment Manufacturing Exposition will open on Sept. 1st – Sept. 5th. Welcome to visit!
2016/06/23 2016 KE SHOW will open on July 12th – 15th, 2016. Welcome to visit!
2016/05/24 2016 Jiangsu Product Trade Fair at Taiyuan will open on May 28th - May 30th, 2016. Welcome to visit!
2016/05/05 2016 Commercial Times Automatic Machinery and Intelligent Manufacturing Exhibition will open on May 20th – May 24th, 2016. Welcome to visit!
2016/05/04 2016 eMEX will be held on May 18th - May 20th, 2016. Welcome to visit!
2016/04/22 China Import Expo, Kunshan 2016 will be held on May 19th – May 21st, 2016. Welcome to visit!
2016/03/15 The First Stop in Southern Taiwan, the Largest Professional Automation Show Welcome to Visit!
2016/02/19 17th China Clean Expo 2016 will be held on March 29th – 31st, welcome to visit our booth!
2012/08/07 The Auto Scrubber CB-201 of FELLOW Y.C. Co., Ltd. was reported on United Daily News and Economic Daily News.
2012/08/01 2012 Kunshan the 21st International Machinery Tool and Plastic Exhibition will be held on Sept. 15th –Sept. 17th, welcome to visit.
2012/07/31 FELLOW Y.C. CO., LTD. is going to launch new products VAC CB-20 series whose suction motor adopts BLDC Motor with high efficiency, energy saving, low noise, eco friendly, maintenance-free, and long life.
2012/06/25 2012 19th Guangzhou Hotel Equipment and Supply Exhibition will be held on Dec. 10th - Dec. 12th, welcome to visit.
2012/06/25 KE Show will be held on Jun. 28th-Jul. 1st, welcome to visit.
2012/04/05 2012 6th China Hangzhou Information Technology Expo will be held on Apr. 19th-Apr. 22nd, welcome to visit.
2012/04/03 2012 Taichung Automatic Machinery Exhibition will be held from Apr. 19th to Apr. 23rd at Commercial Exhibition Center Taichung, welcome to visit.
2012/02/29 2012 Tainan Automatic Machinery Exhibition will be held from Mar. 22nd to Mar. 26th at Commercial Exhibition Center Tainan, welcome to visit.
2011/12/222012 The 20th TaiHu International Machine Tool and Mould Manufacturing Apparatus Fair will be held from Mar. 1st to Mar. 4th, welcome to visit.
2011/11/142011 The Biotechnology and Green Technology Expo will be held from Nov. 18th to Nov. 21st, welcome to visit.
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