Brushing Machine VAC - 175B ....
    The use of stone crystal plane processor is becoming more and more widely. The VAC-175B series are equipped with strong-horsepower motors, full-aluminum shell and European handles which are convenient for height adjustment and are simple, sturdy & durable. Besides the functions of cleaning and polishing on floor scrubber, the counterweight block on this cleaning equipment can be added or reduced according to the requirements; the maximum weight can reach 120KG. The removable chassis and handle are convenient for cleaning on stairs and at special corners. Also it is convenient for transportation and efficiency improvement.
    The cleaning equipment is equipped with all functions on floor scrubber; it can be professionally used for stone/tile crystal plane renewing. This product is applicable for special processing and daily nursing of stones/tiles in restaurant, factory, high-rise building, supermarket, schools, and especially the stone nursing company and Property Company.
    Optional Fittings
    Water tank suit--20L、Aluminum renewing disc seat 、Water tank suit、Counterweight block 、Floor Brush、Carpet Brush。
    Name:Brushing Machine
    Voltage/Frequency:110V or 220V (50/60Hz)
    Chassis Diameter:17"
    Wire Length:12m