Carpet Scrubbing Buffer VAC - 175D ....
    VAC-175D multi-functional eccentric floor scrubber, the eccentric design of the motor complies with Mechanics Theory. Especially when matched with a VAC-5F electronic bubbling box for carpet maintenance, the flexibility of this cleaning equipment is incomparable. Also, the reduced working strength, special gearbox, full-aluminum shell and sturdy & durable handle is becoming more and more popular among the operators.The VAC-5F electronic bubbling box is specially used for medium-term maintenance of the carpet, the design is special, the use is simple & convenient and the performance is better; the best way to nurse the carpet is maintenance.
    This cleaning equipment is applicable for floor cleaning, spray-grinding maintenance, wax removing, carpet nursing and other functions in hotel, restaurant, high-rise building, factory and other locations with solid floor.
    Optional Fittings :
    Water tank suit--20L、Needle panel--16"、Floor brush--15"、Carpet brush(VC-005)--15"。
    Name:Carpet Scrubbing Buffer
    Voltage/Frequency:110V or 220V (50/60Hz)
    Chassis Diameter:17"
    Wire Length:12m