Ride-on Sweeper D-36B (Battery Operate)


    Corner can be easy to sweep.
    Side brush protection.
    The debris hopper built-in wheels is easy to remove and dump.
    Promote its sweeping efficacy with electrical filter shaking system.
    Emergency stop switch.
    Maintain battery with ease.

    1. Side brush protection.
    2. Chassis height is 8cm.
    3. Excellent sweeping and dust control.
    4. Cleaning on carpet floors.
    5. Turn circle is less than 1.2 meter. (D-36B can pass through 880mm aisle; D-48B can pass through 1,200mm aisle)
    6. Electrical filter shaking system that keeps filter not to clog and extend machine life.
    7. The filter is easily removable and clean (to maintain its sweeping efficacy)
    8. The light weight and durable FRP hopper is easy to remove for manual discharge operations.
    9. With battery-powered, you can work in an environmental protection, economical, efficient and silent environment.
    Application: Factory, Warehouse, plaza, sideway, concrete, asphalt road etc.
    Type: D-36B
    Power source: Battery
    DC motor: 24V × 4HP (3kw)
    Area performance: 6,840m²/hr
    Run time: 4hrs
    Sweeping width (without side brush): 700mm
    Sweeping width (with one side brush): 920mm
    Sweeping width (with two side brushes): 1,140mm
    Main brush: Ø265 × 700mm
    Side brush: Ø400mm
    Battery: 24V/225Ah
    Hopper volume: 60L (Max)
    Filter area: 6.15m² (3PCs of filter)
    Filter cleaning: electrical filter shaking system
    Charger: 24V/30A (DC output)
    *With microcomputer, it will power off automatically after the battery is fully charged.
    Gradeability: 15% / 8.5°
    Chassis height: 80mm
    Dimensions: L: 1,320 × W: 850 × H: 1,260 (mm)
    Weight: 258kg
    Weight (with batteries): 360kg
    Optional Equipment:
    1. Backup alarm
    2. Flash waming light
    3. Canopy
    4. Battery rack

    * Specifications and details are subject to change without prior notice.