Ride-on Scrubber DB-33 (Battery Operate)


    BLDC motor of vacuum and brush is high efficiency, maintenance-free, long life, save energy and Ecofriendly.
    The microcomputer panel is easily maneuverable.
    Nylon brushes and scrubbing pads can change by the type of the floor.

    1. Efficient cleaning. Scrub, wash & dry the floor in one pass.
    2. With BLDC motors, it is high efficiency, maintenance free, long life, energy saving and environmental protection.
    3. Floating brushes with anti-collision design and adjustable brush pressure.
    4. Curved squeegee blade, suck water up rapidly.
    5. Squeegees are not only wear and oil resistant but also easily replacement.
    6. Robust, sturdy and stainless steel chassis.
    7. Battery set is easy to maintenance and replacement by slide design.
    8. With microcomputer, it shows condition of the machine on the panel.
    9. Security
      · Seat with safety switch. When the operator moves off the seat, the machine automatically stops.
      · When solution tank is low, the warning light turns on. When recovery tank is full, it automatically cuts off motor power.
      · When brush is raised, micro switch stops motor and water automatically.
      · Battery LED indicator. When it is low voltage, it stops automatically to protect battery.
      · When it is over brush pressure, it will stop working.
      · All systems are protected by thermal relay.
    Application: Factory, Warehouse, Hotel, Hospital, Office, Terrazzo floor, Ceramic tiles, etc.
    Type: DB-33
    Power source: Battery
    Area performance: 4,800m²/hr (max)
    Run time: 4~6hrs
    Cleaning path: 850mm (33.5inch)
    Squeegee width: 1,120mm (44inch)
    Disk brushes: 17inch × 2pcs
    Disk brush rotations: 220rpm
    Disk brush BLDC motor: 800W × 2pcs
    Motor: 800W
    Forward speed: 0~6km/hr (Continuously Variable Transmission, CVT)
    Minimum aisle turn: 130cm
    Gradeability: 15% / 8.5°
    Solution tank: 152L (38gal)
    Recovery tank: 160L (40gal)
    Battery: 24V/240Ah
    Charger: 24V/30A (DC output)
    *With microcomputer, it will power off automatically after the battery is fully charged.
    Dimensions: L: 1,760 × W: 900 × H: 1,260 (mm)
    Weight: 328kg
    Weight (with batteries): 520kg

    * Specifications and details are subject to change without prior notice.