Power Vacuum Sweeper PV-30G (Petrol)

    1. Easy to change nozzle.
    2. Collection bag is 200L.
    3. Easy to replace the batteries.
    4. It can clean in various places by three power choice.
    Application: Playground, Park, Sawmill, Textile Factory, Cotton Mill, Garden, Train station, etc.
    Type: PV-30G
    Power: Petrol
    Area performance: 3,000m²/hr (max)
    Cleaning path: Standard width is 720mm (30inch)
    Length of cable: -----
    Nozzle: Standard 30inch (23" or 30" or 36" Changeable)
    Vacuum wand: Diameter 4inch x 10feet Long
    Collection bag: Felt Bag, Capacity 200L
    Filter area: 1.9m²
    Batteries: -----
    Chargers: -----
    Dimensions: L: 1,320 × W: 600 × H: 920 (mm)
    Weight: 92kg
    Weight (with batteries): -----

    * Specifications and details are subject to change without prior notice.